Detox Effects of Drinking Alkaline Water

Detox Effects of Drinking Alkaline Water

There is quite a buzz around alkaline water. People make claims that it slows aging and cancer as well as prevents chronic disease. But what is alkaline water and how does it affect the body? When detoxing it is important to stop consuming toxins which includes all the nasty bacteria and heavy metals found in most tap water. Is drinking filtered water enough or is using alkaline water to detox really the best approach? 

What is Alkaline Water

The term “alkaline” refers to the water’s pH balance. On a scale of zero to fourteen, water with a pH balance of 1 is very acidic. Whereas, a pH of 12+ is considered very alkaline. Standard drinking water generally has a pH of 7 which is neutral. Alkaline water for drinking tends to be a pH of 8 or 9.

The pH balance is not the only factor in alkaline water however. Minerals and negative oxidation reduction potential must also be present. With the higher pH balance as well as minerals and oxidation reduction is said to neutralize the acid in the body.

Alkaline Benefits

Although some studies have been done on alkaline water benefits, research still needs to be conducted to really understand how alkaline water benefits the body.

A study from 2012 reported that alkaline water is useful as an adjunct treatment for acid reflux. Another study observed the changes of blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids and found levels decreased significantly after a month of drinking alkaline water. A 2016 study reported blood flow was a higher efficiency when drinking alkaline water during a workout.

Though scientific research has not been conducted to support claims, anecdotal evidence reports benefits of alkaline water including:

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Cancer resistance 
  • Colon-cleansing properties
  • Detoxification support
  • Hydration
  • Immune support
  • Skin health
  • Weight loss

Is Alkaline Water Good for Detox

One of the best ways to detox is to fight toxins with antioxidants. In addition to containing antioxidant properties, alkaline water can neutralize the chemicals that destroy cells through oxidation. It is also believed that as alkaline water neutralizes the acid in your body, it washes waste from your tissues and cells. Additionally, alkaline water helps you get hydrated fast and stay hydrated longer. This supports your detoxification organs and keeps flushing free radicals from the body.