Cranberry Juice Detox: Everything You Need to Know

What is the Cranberry Juice Detox?

The cranberry juice detox involves flushing your system with cranberry juice and reduced food consumption.  The first few days of a cranberry detox will be fasting for a few days.  During these days you are drinking approximately 30 oz of cranberry juice daily.  


  • Purchase 100% cranberry juice 
  • Pour 8 to 10 oz of cranberry juice into a 64 oz container
  • Fill the remaining space with water
  • For  3 days drink ½ the container each day
    • Drink about 10oz of the liquid at your usual meal times instead of eating
  • On day 4 begin to start eating very light – ie organic fruits and vegetables or low sodium soups
    • The first day you begin eating, be sure to drink at least 4 oz of your cranberry juice/water mix and wait an hour before eating
    • Continue drinking +/- 30 oz of cranberry juice/water mix throughout the day
  • On day 5 continue to eating light and incorporating more foods back into your diet
  • Continue drinking cranberry juice/water mix for a total of 7 days from your start day

How Much Cranberry Juice to Detox?

It is important not to not drink more than 32 oz of cranberry juice/water mixture to protect your kidneys from stress.  Drinking a diluted mixture of 8 to 10 oz of cranberry juice throughout the day will keep your detox organs flushing without over stressing them.

Best Cranberry Juice for Detox

The most important thing to know about cranberry juice for detox is to get 100% cranberry juice with no added sugars.  Drinking mixtures such as cran-cocktail or juice substitutes will actually detract from your detox goals.  Juices with added flavors or sugars continue to pump your system full of more processed toxins for your body to flush out.


Cranberry juice has been shown to:

Support Kidney Health: Cranberries support clean kidneys which enables them to optimally continue to detox your body naturally.

Protect the Body: Cranberries help clean your gut and boost your immune system as well as protect your gut from bad bacteria.

Be a Source of Vitamins: Cranberry juice is full of vitamins and minerals including:

  • copper
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin K1

Side Effects

Too much cranberry juice can lead to:

  • Diarrhea 
  • Upset stomach
  • Rise in blood sugar

Talk to your doctor before beginning the cranberry juice detox or any other detox program.  Those taking blood thinners should be extra cautious with this detox as it may reduce the efficacy of your prescriptions.